Frequent Questions

1.What does the Register of Deeds office do?

The Register of Deeds office is the County office where all transactions involving real estate and oil and gas are recorded; for example, deeds, mortgages, mortgage releases, oil and gas leases, plats, tax liens, and hundreds of other kinds of documents. This office also files financing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code. All records are open to the public.

2.What is a deed?

A deed is a document that transfers real estate from one party to another. This is your title to your house or land.

3.How can I change the name on my deed?

The old deed cannot be changed since it has already been recorded. A new deed must be drawn up. We recommend you go to a title company or attorney for this.

4.If I lose my original deed, can I get another one from your office?

Yes, you can obtain a copy, or certified copy from our office. Certified copies are $13.00. You can come in our office and request a copy.