LEC Timeline

The current facility built as an 8 bed jail with a sheriff's office and living quarters for sheriff.

The jail is condemned.

The east wing was added for new cells and the old cells were closed. Capacity remains at 8 beds.

The Kingman Police Department, 911 move into the building. This helped cover the jail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and enhanced law enforcement cooperation.

The Sheriff asks the State for permission to add 5 jail beds due to overcrowding and the total number of beds increased to 13.

The Sheriff hires an architect to assess facility. The architect determines the remodel of the current facility is not an option (conclusion: we cannot make the building ADA compliant, which is required). The issue was put on hold due to school bond election.
Relocating the sheriff's office out of the floodplain was given "high" priority in the county's multi-hazard mitigation plan. The 911 location in the basement of the floodplain also a concern.

An expert from the National Institute of Corrections conducts an assessment of jail and concludes that the current LEC is "a very poorly designed and dysfunctional facility that has to be replaced. The jail site is not suitable for a major expansion."
4 city of Kingman/Kingman County leaders attend the Planning of New Institutions training in Denver. The  Sheriff asks to form a Citizen Review Committee to assess the need for a new LEC where anyone with interest is invited to participate.
The citizen committee meets and tours the LEC. After several meetings, the committee submits a written report recommending construction of a new LEC.
The County hires Rich and Associates, of Olathe, to conduct a formal needs assessment and assist with design development for a new LEC.
County/city leaders interview 5 potential architects and hires BG Architects, of Manhattan. In July, the county unveils architect's drawings of LEC design. In October, voters defeat sales tax measure to pay for the new LEC by vote of 803-754.
County votes will hold special election for a $0.01 countywide sales tax on April 8 and revenue is to be shared with incorporated cities. The County votes not to use BG design and to use the proposed sales tax as a budget for the new LEC. On April 8, county voters reject the proposed $0.01 sales tax.