Register of Deeds


The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for the recording and safekeeping of all transactions relating to real estate in Kingman County, including:

  • Deeds
  • Mortgage releases
  • Mortgages
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Platted additions to all cities and cemeteries in Kingman County
  • Surveys

The office also has county school records, tax liens, powers of attorney, military discharges and other documents.


The Register of Deeds office is a filing agency.  Our phones are answered during business hours.  At all times during normal business hours, it makes available to the public those records that it makes, maintains, keeps or possesses subject only to the exceptions found in K.S.A. 45-221.  These records are open and available for inspection.  Copies of any record made, maintained, kept or possessed within the Register of Deeds office will be made and the requester will be charged appropriate copy fees if the requester is able to specifically identify the records the requester wants to obtain.

Any requests for copies that do not contain the names of grantees, names of grantors, nature of instrument, volume and page where recorded, and description of tract; or a description of a map or plat containing the name or names of the proprietor, shall be denied.  The Register of Deeds office has no duty or obligation to create records, investigate, or provide research assistance of or for the records, investigate, or provide research assistance of or for the records it makes,  maintains, keeps or possesses.  No assistance provided by anyone within the Register of Deeds office shall be construed to create such duty or obligation.  The Register of Deeds office does not answer title questions or provide legal advice.  

If the requester is unable to personally inspect the records kept within the Register of Deeds office, the requester may contact a title company or attorney to do so on the requester's behalf.  While the Register of Deeds office may provide the requester with the contact information of a local title company or attorney for purposes of inspection, such provision in no way constitutes a recommendation or warranty of the services performed by said third party.

-Disclaimer by Jeffrey Pyle, Martindell Swearer & Schaffer