Planning / Zoning

A reminder: Kingman County Planning and Zoning has jurisdiction for all unincorporated land within the county. The goal is to influence the common good through proper short and long-term development practices. The intent is to promote the most economical and appropriate use of land resources consistent with maintaining an environmentally sound place to live.

Zoning Application Process
An application for a Certificate of Zoning Compliance must be completed prior to the following:
  • Any construction, reconstruction, moving, or structural alteration of any structure
  • Changing the use of any land or structure
  • Improvement of land
The application phase should allow time for the Zoning Administrator or the County Planning Commission to review and approve the project. No construction or hiring of contractors should take place until the application is reviewed and approved.

Please note: Some projects may involve applying for a sanitation permit for on-site sewage disposal and/or water well under the Kingman County Sanitary Code.

Zoning permit applications may be picked up in the Zoning Office at the Kingman County Courthouse (northwest corner of ground floor) or they can be printed from the following list:
  • Agricultural: Free
  • House: $40
  • Other: $20
You may call Stan Goetz at 620-532-3722 for more information. Planning and Zoning is here to assist all citizens in following Kingman County regulations.