Get To Know Us

The County Appraiser's Department is responsible for discovering, assessing, listing and valuing all property within Kingman County. In 1985, the Kansas Legislature passed new reappraisal laws by which all appraisers must abide. Amber Hartley is the County Appraiser and has a staff of two.

The Appraiser's Office emphasizes that its staff is here to serve and assist the public.


Each year the appraiser must review recent real estate sales and consider local economic conditions in order to maintain the most current value of the property in the county. The appraiser's goal is equalization of property values.
The appraiser's office sets the values for real estate, personal property, and oil and gas. The office is also responsible for change of ownership, parcel maintenance and mapping.

Neighborhood Revitalization

In addition to those tasks, the Appraiser's office is responsible for administering the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. This important program offers a tax rebate for 10 years on new improvements on real estate and is available to anyone wanting to build in the county. The cost of the improvements must be at least $25,000 and add that much in value to the property. If you are interested in signing up for this program, please come in and visit with us; we'll be glad to help you with the details.

A Note to Paid Parcel Search Subscribers

The Kingman County Appraiser is transitioning to a new Parcel Search Portal (see "NEW Parcel Search Portal" link below). All paid subscribers will need a new username and password to access the new service. Please email the Appraiser's Office to get set up for the new service.